Mono Canopies

Our Mono Canopies are all made to measure following a full site assessment & survey.  Mono Canopies are our most widely installed canopies due to their versatility and can be installed in virtually any location.  Mono Canopies provide a natural extension to a building creating additional space and shelter creating stunning outside usable spaces to any part of the external of a building.

By adding Side Screens or Roller Shutters to a Mono Canopy these can be utilized for additional storage and security which can be installed in all or part of the canopy.  Mono Canopies are also often used to provide Covered Walkways providing additional shelter along key routes between buildings, etc….

Benefits of a Mono Canopy

  • Can be installed against virtually any structure
  • Bespoke design, manufacture and installation means we can exactly match the dimensions of your building
  • An incredibly versatile Canopy that has a wide variety of uses
  • Add side screens and / or roller shutters to create additional storage


  • Main Construction: Aluminium
  • Colour: Any Colour Available
  • Roofing: 16mm Triple Polycarbonate
  • Extra's: Post Protectors, Side Screens, Sheet Stencils

Mono Canopies

Mono Canopies can be tailored for any purpose, used on its own providing shelter and space, with the addition of side screens, an enclosed space can be created. Available in any size and colour. . .


Mono Canopies are our most versatile canopies and can be used for almost any purpose including Space, Shelter, Storage and Security