Twineham CofE School

Design Brief

Aliport Commercial were first contacted in December 2014 about this project. Twineham CofE required an Outdoor Play Area for their children which also doubled as a sheltered waiting area for parents when picking up children from school.

Site Conditions

Aliport Commercial undertook three site visits to fully understand the project, measure up and produce the designs for the new canopy. No other works were being undertaken on site and the work area was clear and tidy so site conditions were good for the installation.

Aliport Solution

Aliport Commercial commenced works in May 2015 and over a 4 day duration installed the canopy. The Aluminium was powder-coated white. The Canopy was installed safely in line with time-scales and in accordance with Twineham CofE’s requirements


  • Installation Date: May 2015
  • Location: Haywards Heath
  • Installation Type: Half Curve Canopy
  • Installation Size: 39m²
  • Installation Duration: 4 Days
  • Value Range: £0 - £20k

Half Curve Canopies

Half Curve Canopies create modern looking Outdoor Play Areas and can be designed in any size or colour. . .


Aliport Commercial were commissioned to create an Outdoor Play Area that doubled as a sheltered waiting area at Twineham CofE Scool