To meet commercial requirements, all of our structures are designed for their intended use. All components forming the main structure are made of
aluminium and combined with the fire resistant roof sheets, you will have a structure that protects all year round against sun, rain, wind and snow.

All Aliport Commercial products are manufactured to the dimensions you require.

That means:

  • Exact length
  • Exact depth
  • Exact height

Key features of Aliport Commercial aluminium structures:-

  • Virtually Maintenance free structures
  • Only quality materials used
  • Clear spans up to 7m
  • Free standing designs available
  • Structures can be tapered
  • No rotting of timbers
  • No rusting of steel



All Aliport Commercial structures have been designed to comply with the following British Standard Codes of Practice:

BS6399 Part 1: Code of Practice for dead and imposed loads.
BS6399 Part 2: Code of Practice for wind loads.
BS6399 Part 3: Code of Practice for imposed roof loads.
BS8118 Part 1: Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Aluminium.




The structural framework shall be manufactured from aluminium complying with European Standards

EN 515, EN 575 Part 3 and EN 755 Part 9 (Type 6082 T6)




UV protected Polycarbonate or GRP, both complying with BS 476 Part 7 (Class 1 rating for surface spread of flame).

Glass or any other bespoke roofing system.

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